Wondrous Love <3

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” – David Viscott


Love has a variety of meanings. It has a numerous definitions that may mean a lot of different to a different people in the universe. For some, it could be purely romantic, unconditional love (esp. mother-child relationship), and it could even go to sexual love. Whatever it could be, none of those people could felt right or wrong its just that one thing is for real: “LOVE IS A FORCE THAT IS POWERFUL IN THE UNIVERSE”.

Any partners with any descriptions, may it be married or not, boyfriend-girlfriend, gay to gay relationships, lesbian to lesbian or mother to child, love is a relationship that means respect and understanding.

The kinds of love can be a some taste of chemistry. A strange feelings that can make you feels butterfly in your stomach, figure and ground principle, “the one” feeling, or the feeling of nothing is more important to you than spending your happiest moments together. Someone can feel the love when they first saw each other where they can say “she’s/he’s the one” or “love at first sight” from the moment they meet with their eyes, and build common interests and mutual understanding becomes stronger.

Love has the strength to be the most powerful emotion in the universe. Some can do undesirable things out of hate and fear, but be careful with love for it can do so much, much worse. Did you not notice that it is love that often cause us to hate, whether it is out of jealousy or anger because our loved one has been hurt nor captured by someone or betrayed someone. Love, definitely, a sacrifice, whatever relationships you have, it must be the most powerful force in the universe because as human beings, we make certain sacrifices just for the love.

Love can bring us to heaven but can also hurts us like a hell, so when you love be sure to have trust, respect, commitment and acceptance. And most importantly, put God at the center of your any relationships. ♥♥♥

“Love can be a touch of heaven or even hell”

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